Since 2009 The Warrior Programme has helped over 1,000 men and women, 800 of whom were Veterans.

The Programme provides a safe and supportive environment where powerful coaching models and techniques will help you to:

- Take time out and reflect on your current situation.

- Identify how you would like to perform and function in the future.

- Identify barriers, beliefs and challenges stopping you from getting what you want.

- Remove negative emotions associated with previous events and memories.

- Identify goals for your future and help provide direction and purpose.

Participants work on their issues in complete confidence without having to discuss them in an open forum.

The Programme has proven its efficacy in restoring self-esteem and in helping to re-build confidence and dignity, empowering people by giving them the tools to lead a more fulfilled life.

The programme meets the highest standards of care and includes:

- Recognised health and wellbeing techniques

- Qualified and experienced trainers

- Pre-assessment of participants

- 3rd party validation of programme results

- Ongoing support through quarterly refresher days and regional outreach

For the course dates, see Programme Dates

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