It is with the greatest sadness that we have tell you that Dave Corthorn, our Lead Regional Co-ordinator, passed away at the weekend. We are all devastated and know you will be too.
Dave was one of a kind, a top bloke and a good man. He had an innate ability to combine straight talking with humour, honesty and above all kindness. He invested his time and knowledge and deep sense of right and wrong in all he did, as a family man, as a military man, as a friend and as a colleague.
For Dave living his life meant living a Warrior life, doing the very best he could with what he’d got. He offered reassurance and support to those he brought to the Programme, guiding and nurturing them to overcome uncertainty and anxiety, always going the extra mile, taking the extra call. And he continued to do this throughout his involvement with each of us, checking in, asking the unasked questions, going above and beyond his duties.

We have lost a great friend and colleague and he will be sorely missed. He has made a profound impact on all of us. Our thoughts are with his family at this distressing time.

We will regroup and rebalance as Dave would expect us to do and be back in touch with you soon.
The Warrior Team

If you or a loved one are in crisis please consider contacting one of the following:

Veterans Gateway
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Tel: 116 123

Combat Stress
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Cruse Bereavement
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